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Romney's roommate to the media claimed that Romney talked about each Lauber on a fire in my belly, and even angrily said: "You look at him, he can not look that way, it is not , "Later, Romney also command a group of students,sac prada belgique Lauber wrestled to the ground and beaten, Romney also a pair of scissors to cut Lauber's hair.This ridiculous thing of the past "exposure, Romney immediately in the media on bullying issue an apology. Sac a main Prada"I've done some stupid things,Sac Prada Homme if anyone is hurt or offended, I apologize." But Romney also denied Lauber is a homosexual and "humiliation" for him. He said that he has can not remember this occurs in about 50 years ago,Chaussures Prada Homme and said he was "sexual orientation no idea". Romney also reiterated in the program, the marriage should be strictly defined as in "the man with the woman". shijiehenxianshi852.5.23

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