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Portfolio Diet For Heart Portfolio Diet Dr. J.A. Jenkins, MD created the Portfolio diet. This diet is not made for weight loss but to control the cholesterol and provide benefits to heart health. What is Portfolio Diet? Portfolio diet came in as a therapy to lower cholesterol and seeks health benefits with small changes in the diet. It is more as an investment in lower cholesterol than a diet plan. This diet is special because it brings lot of foods together which have cholesterol loweri ng effect. Recent study published in Journal of American Medical association Nike Air Max Griffeysuggests that this diet worked much better than traditional low fat diet and cholesterol lowering medicines. Still it is suggested that more studies are requir ed for Portfolio diet. What does Portfolio diet offers? Portfolio diet offers limited food choice. It is mainly vegetarian diet excluding meats, chicken and chicken products and milk and milk products. These food items are high in saturated fat, which is not goo d for heart health. High intake of saturated fat results in increase in total cholesterol in the b ody. Second most important principle of portfolio diet is high fiber foods. High fiber diet helps in reducing cholesterol. Fiber p Nike Air Max 90 Mens Shoesarticles bind with cholesterol molecules in gut and excrete it from th e body. Among fiber, soluble fiber works best in cholesterol management. Soluble fiber is found in fibrous foods such as l ettuce, whole cereals, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Apple, apricot, banana, blackberry, grapefruit, orange, broccoli, carrots, corn, beans, green peas, okra etc are good sources of soluble fiber. Dr. Jenkins s uggests not considering the single food for better health. We have to look at the spectrum of food to get best health benefits. One can also rely on psyllium husk to increase fiber intake in daily diet. It also acts as a laxative. Soybean and its products are substituted in place of meat and meat products. Soymil Nike Air Max ACG Mens Shoesk, tofu can be taken in place of milk and milk products. One needs to be cautious in case of high fat soy products. Alway Nike Air Max Tn Mens Shoess consider los fat soymilk or tofu. Butter and margarine is replaced with plant sterols like Benecol which available in US. Plant sterols are also available in capsule form. Hand full of almonds provides essential fatty acids which plays major role in cholesterol management. Selection of this diet to manage your cholesterol level depends upon your bloo d cholesterol Nike Air Max ACG Mens Running Shoes levels. In case of high cholesterol levels one must combine diet, exercise and appropriate medication. For borderline cholesterol problem, only diet and regular exercise can also show the result. For meat lovers this particular diet is challenge, but it has beneficial effects on heart health. Low fat diets also lower the HDL (good) cholesterol, but portfolio diet does not affe ct it. Regular aerobic exercise increases HDL cholesterol. One can stick to a diet consisting mainly of ok ra, eggplant, beans with a dose of psyllium at every meal than this may be the eating plan for you. But in case of high cholesterol levels seek a medical advice and make changes in your diet, medicine and exercise. DesiDieter experts review it to be a practical approach to dietary management. It seems like a healthy guideline to treat elevated cholesterol along with exercise and medications. It can be customized to Indian palette including foods that we eat and offering Nike Air Max Classic BW natural therapy to treat cholesterol like methi seeds and bark of Arjuna tree. DesiDieter offers a handheld program to help h Nike Air Max LTD Mens Shoeseart patients look after their nut rition and fitness. Check out our Heart Care Package upgraded keeping the latest norms in mind. For more information on diet, nutrition, health, weight loss or fitness contact DesiDieter Health and Diet Experts.
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