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Thousands of people at the NATO summit sidelines of demonstrations; participating countries exist differences on Afghanistan.The occasion of the opening of the meeting,sac prada soldes thousands of people demonstrated outside the meeting, in Chicago, authorities dispatched a large number of police cordon set up around the venue. Chaussures Prada FemmeThe crowd of protesters, including about 50 American Legion, the American veterans who had served in Afghanistan,Prada T-shirt Homme Longues Iraq build-up in downtown Chicago's Grant Park, took to the streets to protest, demanding that NATO stop the war.Has been involved in the Iraq war veteran Alan Hughes said: "We will march to the front door of NATO (the summit venue), (NATO commander) to return our medals, hand in hand with the Afghan brothers and sisters, tell NATO generals,Prada T-shirt Homme Courtes the unity of the war launched by NATO is more solid. "These veterans of the original Medal intend to pay back a NATO representative, but where one block away from the venue suffered police obstruction, so The medals are lost to the venue directions. shijiehenxianshi852.5.24

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