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The medals should be awarded a hero, but I do not think he is a hero. I feel unworthy to obtain them,sac prada belgique I saw the civilians were killed and arrested. - Have served in Iraq Zach La PorteNATO should be dissolved, and the taxpayers' money for education,Sac a main Prada health care, not war. - Kevin Cunningham, father of two childrenNearly 3,000 people (in the "9.11") died in New York City, 33,000 civilians died in Afghanistan. No one they erected a monument, Sac Prada Hommeand remembered them. - Brock • Mike Tash, had in Afghanistan U.S. veterans.Afghanistan people died in the conflict, many of them died in the hands of NATO forces ... as the Afghans,Chaussures Prada Homme I have a family by the pain of the war in Afghanistan; As a Canadian, I pay taxes to the government, but to kill me distant family members, which makes me unbearable. - Afghan-Canadian Samira Saeed Rahman shijiehenxianshi852.5.24

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