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Analysts said Obama "risky" to express support for same-sex marriage, is to show to Hollywood to win the support of the latter.Media, sac prada soldessaid Obama overwhelmed by blatant challenge to the moral tradition, the purpose is to raise campaign funds."Washington Post" said that Obama's "golden master", 1/6 is gay. Barack Obama 90 minutes behind same-sex marriage remarks,Chaussures Prada Femme and his campaign team immediately received one million U.S.Prada T-shirt Homme Longues dollars in political contributions, all from the gay community. In the afternoon, Obama attended a succession Seattle Democratic Party donors Broome private luncheon and Paramount Theater, public fund-raising activities,Prada T-shirt Homme Courtes another $ 3 million accounted for. shijiehenxianshi852.5.23

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